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Hubert B

   Jewellery to me is an object to showcase the personality of the wearer. Jewellery is not only about the big diamond and 18k gold, but people in this modern world need something they haven’t seen or try to pick their nerves.


   As a goldsmith, I believe geometric shape is a better way to pay tribute to handcraft skills. Not like “free form”, the geometric shape often requires precision and balance. I enjoy shaping a perfectly straight line, to draw a perfect transition line from circle to square. It just simply makes me happier.


   As a jewellery designer, I like to explore where no man had reached before. Collar pin is one of my favourite forms of jewellery to explore, it was developed a long time ago but forgotten through the time. Collar pin was used to support and raise the tie, but I would like to think it is an individual jewellery piece. My collar pin is a new form of neckwear, not as serious as a tie, but at the same time brings out the elegancy of the wearer.


Jewellery design and goldsmithing are the best part of my life and I would love to share the joy with others.


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